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Standard-Knapp Announces New Pic-N-Place Module

Standard-Knapp Announces New Pic-N-Place Module

Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, has announced its innovative Pic-N-Place module that picks the product from the infeed conveyor and gently places it into the bottom of the empty case. This module can be easily retrofitted onto existing 939S and 949S Versatron™ case packers. |  Read More  |

New Bottle Packer Increases Speed While Reducing Glass Breakage for Distilled Spirits Maker

Reduced glass breakage

Saint Louis, Missouri-based distilled spirits manufacturer and bottler Luxco is enjoying the sweet sounds of silence since upgrading their packing line to technology that almost eliminates bottle breakage while increasing packer speed. They opted for a 939 Versatron "Soft Catch" Case Packer, manufactured by Standard-Knapp. |  Read More  |

With Innovative Bottle Packing Equipment, It's a Little Easier Being Green

Environmentally friendly bottle packing

The effort to be green – that is, reducing one's overall impact on the environment – has of late gained increasing popularity, particularly in the commercial arena. Many companies have effectively restructured their corporate headquarters, recycle their paper goods, and have reduced their use of all natural resources – not only because of legislation that requires it but because it makes good business sense. What’s more, increasing numbers of consumers are now carefully examining companies' environmental records before deciding to do business with them. The bottling industry is no different; in truth, there is tremendous pressure on bottling companies to be environmentally friendly. The prime movers are unquestionably the beverage segment, led by the bottled water industry, with the carbonated market close on its heels.  |  Read More  |

Advanced Case Packers Protect Bottles and Increase Efficiency at Jim Beam

Advanced Case Packers Protect Bottles and Increase Efficiency

When it comes to case packing machinery, few bottling operations are more demanding than at Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. The owner of the 211 year-old bourbon brand Jim Beam has grown dramatically over the past few years, from the seventh-largest to the fourth-largest spirits company in the world, by expanding its product portfolio through corporate acquisitions and introducing innovative new spirits and wine brands. With a steady stream of new brands, the case packing machinery at Jim Beam plants must handle glass bottles coming down the production line in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures. Standard-Knapp's 939 Versatron™ Case Packer line proved to have the advanced features required to handle the job.  |  Read More  |

AriZona Beverages Reduces Changeover Time by 50% with New Tray Packer

AriZona Beverages Reduces Changeover Time by 50% with New Tray Packer

A great brand needs great packaging, and great packaging needs great packaging equipment. Due to a number of economic and social factors, such as rising fuel prices and high labor costs, today's food and beverage manufacturers are placing more emphasis on the evaluation of manufacturing efficiencies as a solution to improve overall profitability. One company that has realized the direct bottom line benefits of efficient packaging equipment is AriZona Beverage Co. At PACK EXPO Las Vegas, AriZona researched a variety of different tray packers, interviewing technical experts about their capabilities and benchmarking their performance. They selected Standard-Knapp's Continuum 296T Tray Packer, a system that has since enabled AriZona to significantly increase case packing speeds.  |  Read More  |

Sorenco Laboratories Increases Productivity by 32% with a Soft-placement Case Packer from Standard-Knapp

Soft-placement case packer increases productivity by 32%

Spencer Sowles, Plant Manager of Sorenco Laboratories (Salt Lake City, UT), a worldwide packager and formulator of high quality pharmaceutical and nutritional products, returned to PACK EXPO Las Vegas in 2007 to investigate the latest packaging machinery technology. A visit to the last event led to the purchase of an innovative case packer outfitted with a "Soft Placement" system that has helped Sorenco Laboratories increase efficiency by 32%.  |  Read More  |

Tandem Servo Case Packers Handle a Variety of Bottle Shapes and Materials with Ease

Soft-placement case packer increases productivity by 32%

Clement Pappas Company, Inc. – one of the largest private label bottlers and canners in the U.S. – needed to do something to keep up with rapidly increasing orders. This challenge was exacerbated by the extensive assortment of products – in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes – Clement Pappas provides for its customers, resulting in a daunting task to find robust, flexible packaging machinery that would provide high line speeds and changeover versatility. The unique, versatile tandem servo case packing capabilities of Standard-Knapp's Versatron 939s proved to pack just the punch they were looking for.  |  Read More  |

Six Factors to Consider When Selecting a Case Packer

How to select a case packer

There are many styles of case packers available including drop packers, rotary packers, wraparound packers, mechanical soft placement packers, robotic packers, side load packers, and bottom load packers. The need for a new packer may simply be to replace an aging, high maintenance machine, or it may be driven by new packages, higher line speeds, efficiency initiatives, or new packaging requirements. The following factors provide some basic considerations that can be used in the process of selecting a case packer...  |  Read More  |